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Shine Product Warranty Policy


LED Light Bulbs

All Shine LED Light Bulbs including household LED light bulbs, LED plug lights (G23, G24 and 2G11), LED candle bulbs and LED spotlights (Mr16, Gu10, Par30, Par38) come with 3 year limited warranty dated from purchase.

LED Panel Lights

All Shine LED Panel Lights come with 3 year limited warranty dated from purchase.

LED Ceiling Lights

All Shine LED Ceilight Lights come with 3 year limited warranty dated from purchase.

Driver | LED waterproof power supply

Including RGB Controllers, Dimmers, DMX Decoders and Power Supplies come with 1.5 year limited warranty dated from purchase.

OEM/ODM custom designed products

All Shine OEM/ODM custom designed products come with one year limited warranty dated from purchase or subject to specified agreement statement.
Related accessories and software are not included in this warranty policy.
The products shall be under usage of normal condition or as recommended in the manual.
Updated Dec. 29, 2009.

Normal brightness loss:

LED birghtness will loss during working and depend on working temperature, humidity and voltage conditions etc... The belowing is we tested actually for your referrence.

Brightness loss less than 15% after one year ;
Brightness loss less than 10% after two year;
Brightness loss less than 8% after three year;
Brightness loss less than 5% within 1000 hours during any period.

Shine assure that 70% brightness output was maintained for all products working under indictaed working conditions after 3years.


The warranty is void and does not apply to bellowing terms:

* Product that has been modified by the user.
* Product was not installed or maintained according to manual or specification accompanied.
* Product was subject to unusual physical or electrical stress, misuse, or negligence.
* Product defect was not related to Shine Electronics product functionality, including third-party modifications.
* Operation voltage does not match products' specifications
* Wiring in the wrong way and destroy the lights.
* Unusual condition such as unusual temperature or moisture, terrible environment.
* Other damages caused after receipt of product by user.

Above include but is not limited to: improper wiring, installation and non-approved operating environments such as temperature, humidity or voltage conditions, Also improper installation using components that are not approved or are not Shine manufactured products.

Updated Dec. 29, 2009

Return Policy:

Shine will replace or repair defective or dead on arrival (DOA) product within seven working days upon our approved inspection of the returned product. DOA, customers can choose credit or refund, replacement; for RMA, does not provide credit or refund unless no replacement or repair is available. Shine will cover shipping cost for the DOA or RMA return for our engineers' analysis. If the failure was confirmed by our part after analysis report, we will ship out replacement within 20days. If not, we are not responsible for the failure.

We do not pay any freight both unconfirmed defective products incoming and replacement outgoing if the failed lamps have ordered more than 6 months.

We do not pay shipping cost for any products which have been working well over 6 months, but repair service is available.

We do not pay shipping cost for any incoming defective products un-authorized by Shine.

We need some samples of defective products first if they have ordered more than 6 months. The testing and inspecting are free of charge, the customers have to take the shipping cost first before the test report work out. If the final inspection report shows that the problem is caused by other factors instead of products quality issue, we didn’t undertake any cost for incoming or outgoing shipping. A copy of the original invoice, the return-authorization form, and the shipping label must accompany the return. Shipping and handling charges generally will not be refunded or credited, and you agree to take the cost as Shine specifies.

Return Procedure:

To obtain approval of product return to Shine Electronics, customer needs to follow our return procedures below: 1. To qualify for a Return (as applicable), you must call Shine at 0086-755-3366-2660 or send email to your sales representative and obtain RMA or DOA request form.
2. Indicate clearly the above RMA Number on a label and complete "return-authorization form" attached on the return product, and dispatch the product to the stated shipping address (Shine Electronics Return Center).
3. Returned product will be inspected upon arrival at the center, once the inspection testing has been completed a full report will be issued by Shine.
4. Once product that is determined to be defective, we will replace or repair the product within seven working days.

Important Notice:

* Any return without authorization of Shine Electronics will not be accepted.
* If return product is found to be damaged, missing parts due to misuse or inadequate return packaging, a minimum 30% refurbishing fee of the product will be charged.
* If return product is found to be non-damaged, the product will be returned to customer, at customer's expense, and a minimum 10% test fee of the product value will be charged.
* Warranty Compensation will be based on "usage factors and time in use" and "Technology Value", and will be pro-rated based on this and information collected via the RMA process.

Updated Dec. 29, 2009

Important Information and Instruction.

All RMA Returns must follow these instructions: a) The RMA# must be clear and prominently written on the outside of the package.
b) You are responsible for shipping your RMA to us. There are no specific packing instructions, but please be sure to properly secure the contents inside the package and use proper packaging materials to avoid damage during shipping.
c) We recommend you use shipping companies that can provide you with a tracking#. For example UPS. Also you may want to insure the package.

Any service must be approved by Shine according to Shine's Warranty Policy and Discretions.

Your assigned RMA number is valid for 30 days from the date of issue. Shine reserves the rights to rejects any RMA returns that's been physical damaged, missing parts, burn, cracked, or other damages due to abuse.

If the information on your request varies from the actual item(s) received, your RMA will be based on the actual item(s) received."

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